Saturday, January 22, 2011

let's get this party started

Hello there. I'm Sara and I hope I'm doing this right. Making a blog, that is. (I know, I should have learned to do this back in the early 00's. Oh well.)

But this isn't about me. It's about THE MUSIC.

For a long time now I've wanted to collect the songs of the Control Group together. They're just too good to disappear into the aether, folks. At least, the ones I know are. And I know there are more out there.

Ultimately? I'd love to record all of them. But for now, I'm aiming for lyrics, maybe hilarious self-made videos of us singing the tunes? All of the above. Then we can plan the Great Musical Worldwide Control Group Gathering of Two-Thousand-and-Whatsit and make our master 10-disc recording! YOW. Who's with me?

SO! For starters. Here's a whistle-wetter. I've had this stuck in my head a LOT recently so it should probably go first. Here's a little ditty called Pritchard's Song. Sung by Pritchard (a portly butcher's son with a large, pitiably unattractive puppet head; that's him in the picture, with Gwendolyn, the Mayor's Wife) and some backup doo-wop rats. Here goes...

Pritchard's Song
from Rats in My Mahjong! A Piper's Tale
Spring 2007

Pritchard (spoken): Hey... Hey guys...! Can... Can I have a dream sequence?

Rats: SURE!

(rats "aaaah" in background)

I never thought I could feel this way
When you are near
I can hear
My heart say,
"Oh Claribel!
What can I do?
I would leave behind venison, throw away porkchops, abandon spare ribs and desert our best beef chucks to beeeeeeee with you!"

(rats "ooh-ooh")

When I go to sleep (ooh ooh!)
I see your eyes sparkling in my dreams
And when I wake up (ooh ooh!)
They're there in the sun's bright golden beams
Your face never leaves me (aaaaaaah!)
In its purity pink (aaaaaaah!)
I'm a terrible butcher but I'd make a good LOVER I think!

When I walk down the street (ooh ooh!)
I feel your hand enclosed in mine
And when our eyes meet (ooh ooh!)
I get shivers all up and down my spine
I wish I weren't ugly (aaaaaaah!)
I wish I weren't fat (aaaaaah!)
But I'm loyal and true and I love you and that, dear, is that!

(rats "aaah" in background)

So Clar - i - bel
Don't break - my - heart
Cuz it beats just for you
And it's all black and blue
And believe me it's true
I won't know what to do
I might just catch the flu
And then die of it too
If you saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
That we must be apart (ooh ooh!)
That we must be apart (ooh ooh!)
That we must be apart (ooh ooh!)
Please don't keep us apaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart!

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