Monday, January 24, 2011

one more from Faye and Hanrahan

Okay, before I turn in for the night, here's another from HO! The Ballad of Faye & Hanrahan. I have vivid memories of drinking and hanging out at 113 Howe (is that right, Alex?) the night before rehearsal then going "OH SHIT my CG homework!" which was to write a musical number for the next day. So Alex let me use his computer in his bedroom (away from the madding crowd) and this is what happened. This is Faye & Hanrahan's song as they begin to fall for each other. Er, remember that Hanrahan is a photographer. Or it's not funny at all.

Also, here's the tragedy: at the moment, this is from memory and I totally don't remember the bridge. I'm posting what I know for now so that nothing else evaporates from my brain -- then I will go on a bridge hunt. If you remember it, post away!

Things Are Developing

I don't know quite how it happened,
How it came to be.
One minute he was taking pictures,
Next he'd taken me.

Everything came into focus,
Suddenly I knew,
I came out West to find adventure,
What I found... was you!

Took a picture, took a chance
Maybe this will be romance
Got a funny feelin' in my pants
I think things are developing!

Took a train and came out West,

Kicked him out, I thought it best.

Came back in,

I was impressed.

I think things are developing.

[BRIDGE! Oh man I wish I remembered it! But basically it builds to a giant kick-line-cymbals-crashing-tempo-slowed version of the verse, which gooooes...]

Maybe love is worth the hype,
Like a good daguerreotype,
Picture perfect,
Truth not tripe,

And maybe this time will be right
A brilliant flash, a dazzling light
A spinning ecstasy of flight
Well ------ !

I ----
think things ----
Are ----
de - vel - o - piiiing.......

Muted trumpet (or just Sara):
Wah wah wah waaaah.

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