Monday, January 24, 2011

Meara's Proletariat Song

YAY! Meara posted a song in a comment on the last post, so I am moving it to its own post. I know that you guys should be able to post as well if you've joined the blog, but I'll try to figure that out more... Here's Meara's note and song -- hooray!


Oh my goodness! This is an amazing idea... Makes me feel like digging through boxes to contribute to this quest. Here's one from my sophomore year. The show featured the Communist Manifesto, and the opening scene featured yours truly in coveralls, a harmonica and a straw on which to chew. I remember sitting in my TD dorm writing the lyrics. Voila!

I traced back my roots
To the middle ages.
Seems that we've never
Had a raise in wages.
Thought to myself:
Put up a fight.
Proletariat, you'll come out all right.

Slave and surf,
You've always been oppressed.
Guess that situation's
About to be re-dressed.
Don't let your hopes
Set down in the West, oh,
Proletariat, write a manifesto.

Chorus: (all)
Wives everywhere, throw down your mops and brooms,
Put down your needles and dance around like loons
Take off your dresses, give yourselves a bath
Put on a pair of pants and join the communist path.

This song makes me giggle! There was also a FABULOUS rap that Raphi might have his hands on.

I'll keep 'em coming,


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  1. don't forget the banned maoist anthem that was the chorus! my chinese is inexistent...meara, please correct:

    dong fong hung
    tai yun shen
    jong wo chu la iga mao tse-tung
    ta wei ren ming mo shing fu
    ho hai yo, ta she run
    ming de jo ching